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22mm Hexad Oyster 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band for Seiko SKX007, Diver Clasp Brushed

  • Shipping Estimate: 7 - 10 Business Days within US.
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links include end links
  • Color/Finish: Brushed Finish, Color Steel
  • Generic Seiko Dia. 2.5mm spring bars included
  • Design to fit: Seiko Scuba Diver SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, 7002, SKX173, SKX175, etc

Hexad Oyster watch bracelet is a striking new design in 2016. Each link is composed of 3 Chamfer edge solid 316L stainless steel units and a curved solid end piece perfectly fit Seiko SKX007, SKX009 and SKX011. Hexad Oyster is a contemporary version of the traditional Oyster bracelet, but more thick & sturdy over 100 grams. Considering the comfort and sustainability, it bends smoothly following your wrist. Well-made solid 316L stainless steel links are assembled with screws instead of flimsy pins to keep its solidity and stability. Item also included one pair of FAT spring bar (eg. Generic Seiko DIA. 2.5mm spring bars) to ensure the watch band is connected securely with your watch. Accompany with Diver watch clasp of double lock & push button, made from solid 316L stainless steel. Another awesome aftermarket stainless steel watch bracelet for Seiko SKX007, SKX009 and SKX011 models. Today replaces your Seiiko watch into this unique aftermarket bracelet. Item number: SS221803B040 Brand Name: Hexad Oyster Lug width: 22mm Buckle size: 18mm Buckle Include: Yes Buckle type / Buckle Finish: 316L Stainless Steel Double Flip-Lock Diver Clasp / Brushed Overall Length: 175 Thickness: 4.6mm Spring bar hole dia.: 2.5mm (included) Design to fit : Seiko Scuba Diver SKX007 / SKX009 and SKX011 replacement watch band? Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links include end links Color / Finish: Brushed Max. length: 175 Corresponding Min. length : 94 Net Weight : 108 Lug end style: Curved End Adjustment type: Screw fixed Links + 3 micro hole type adjustment Remarks: CLASP18-003BSP Lookbook demo watches: Seiko SKX007 Diver's 200m Automatic Watch View Details

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