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TOPGRILLZ 18K Gold Plated Hip Hop Custom Fit Top and Bottom Teeth Grillz Caps with 4 Silicon Molding Bars (2 Extra)

  • Our grillz are suitable for Boys and Kids. It's also an excellent choice for cosplay performance.One Size Fits (MOST) Will Fit 99% Of The People.
  • Include 4 Silicon Molding Bars (2 extra).
  • Instructions Are Included for Easy Molding Within Minutes.
  • You get the same look and feel as real grillz without breaking your wallet. Each mouthpiece is individually packaged.
  • If you are not satisfied ,we offer full refunds NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEED!!

**TOPGRILLZ** Grillz are commonly constructed out of silver, gold or platinum and can be encrusted with precious stones. Authentic hip hop gold teeth grillz can cost thousands of dollars depending on the material and jewels. At Rich Jewelry, our hip hop grillz are made of high quality Brass. Our grillz are easy to use and safe to wear inside your mouth **Instructions:** First, adjust the grill mouthpiece to the shape of your mouth. Then insert the silicone fixing bar in between the back prongs of the grillz and place both in hot water together. Once the bar softens and becomes clear, remove the mouthpiece from the water and place it onto your teeth. Adjust as necessary for the fit and look you desire. The fixing bar should take approximately 15-20 seconds to harden. Now you have grillz that fit your teeth perfectly! **Disclaimer:** These grillz are intended for decoration and entertainment purposes only. They are not intended for use while eating/sleeping, or for the replacement of natural teeth and broken fillings. View Details

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