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King Solomon's Sterling Silver Ring, Handmade Kabbalah Ring with Turquoise Stone and Golden Bezel, Prosperity and Abundance Ring with Kabbalah Red Bracelet

  • UPLIFT YOUR SPIRIT. Engraved with the Hebrew word Maccabbi, a praise to God.
  • EVOKES CALM. Beautifully set with a vibrant Turquoise stone decorated with a golden bezel.
  • CRAFTED FROM STERLING SILVER. Carefully handmade to ensure lasting beauty and durability.
  • BRINGS GOOD LUCK. Engraved with the Samech-Alef-Lamed, A God's name for success and abundance.
  • WITH FREE RED NECKLACE. Additional accessory adds more charm to your corporate or casual outfits.

**KING SOLOMON KABBALAH RING - ENRICH YOUR OUTFIT WITH GREAT WISDOM AND CULTURE!** Kabbalah is an ancient study of improving ourselves and finding fulfillment in our lives. This tradition was originated from Judaism, but people from all religions and ethnicities can still practice its teachings. **So it's time to enhance your faith and add a class to your outfits with Amazon's best-selling ☄KING SOLOMON'S STERLING SILVER RING☄** An ideal gift for modern Kabbalah practitioners in your life! **Our Kabbalah prayer ring is specially crafted and handmade to ensure lasting quality.** It is decorated with a turquoise stone that sparkles with life and surrounded by a shiny, golden finish bezel which is carved with abstract designs. The silver, yellow and blue color patterns of this elegant ring evoke a calming and spiritual vibe. **Whether you are wearing formal corporate attire or casual jeans and shirt, the ring's classic theme will surely add beauty to your ensemble.** **Aside from helping you look stylish, this religious ring can also bring positivity in your life and gives you a sense of calmness and comfort.** The silver shank showcases Israel's rich, religious culture, as it is engraved with the Hebrew word Maccabbi, which is part of a verse praising the God of Israel - "Who is like unto Thee, O LORD, among the mighty?"(Book of Exodus, 15: 11). The ring is also designed with Samech-Alef-Lamed, one of God's 72 names that is related to success and prosperity. **So, grab the King Solomon Prosperity and Abundance Ring TODAY and enjoy our FREE Kabbalah Red Bracelet which is fashionable and spiritual as same as our 925 silver ring.** **Now, you have more options to look stylish for the price of one. Hurry while the offer still lasts!** View Details

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