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VIKI LYNN 925 Sterling Silver Mini Heart Chain Necklace 18 inches

  • 18 inches 925 sterling silver chain, width:1.3mm, weight:1.98g.
  • Spring ring clasp. Hypoallergenic mini heart necklace, cute and stylish.
  • Come with a gift box.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • CARING FOR YOUR STERLING SILVER JEWELLERY. All fine sterling silver does tarnish. We recommend you to keep it dry. Exposing to water ,chemical makeups or oils of you skin may quicken the tarnishing process. Sterling silver is best to be stored in a cool,dry place such as a jewelry box. For general cleaning, a polishing cloth would be preferable.

**VIKI LYNN 925 Sterling Silver Mini Heart Chain Necklace 18 inches** **Attributes of 925 Sterling Silver** **Hallmark.** If your item contains a S925 hallmark, it is sterling silver. **Oxidization.** When silver is exposed to air, it oxidizes. The oxidization of the silver causes the metal to tarnish and take on a black tint over time. If you see black tone after a period of use, the item is sterling silver. **Magnetic.** Like gold and platinum, silver is a non-ferrous metal,it is not magnetic. Run a strong magnet over your item. If the item is not attracted to the magnet, it is made out of a non-ferrous metal. **Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry** **Keep the silver away from substances that will cause tarnish.** Anything that contains sulfur will cause silver to tarnish. To prevent this from happening, keep your silver away from things like:Sweat,Rubber and latex,Food items, Wool,Lotions, creams, and beauty products **Wipe your jewelry clean with a silver polishing cloth before putting it into storage. Store it somewhere cool, dark, and dry.** Humidity causes jewelry to tarnish faster, so the more you limit the humidity, the slower your jewelry will tarnish. **Q:What can I do if my sterling silver chain tarnish? A: If you need your jewelry clean in a hurry, toothpaste is one of the items you can use to clean silver jewelry and get it gleaming once more.** View Details

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