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VIKI LYNN Crystal Pendant 925 Sterling Silver CZ Angel Wing Clasp

  • VIKI LYNN crystal pendant with angel wing cubic zirconia pendant clasp.
  • Size of pendant: 5.5*1.7cm,weight: 27.64g
  • Jewelry for women-Christmas gifts, Valentines gifts for her, birthday gifts for women, engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, ladies gifts, daughter gifts, mom gifts, wife gifts, best friend gifts, teenage girls gifts
  • 30 days money back guarantee. Purchase from VIKI LYNN, where ultimate craftsmanship and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

VIKI LYNN is dedicated to designing luxurious, quality accessories with an affordable price to clients. By purchasing our products directly from factories, we ensure our customers won't spend money unnecessarily on other links. We only choose jewelry that is hand made by skilled jewelers and quality controlled strictly by cultured jewel experts for our clients. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts for women, engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, gifts for mom, bridesmaid gifts, best friend gifts, gifts for teenage girls Caring for Your Crystal Jewelry Keeping crystal jewelry clean and shiny starts with avoiding exposure to chemicals such as hairspray and perfume. Such chemicals can build up on the crystals and make them look dull. When dressing always put your crystal jewelry on last, after you've applied makeup, lotions and sprays. Remove your jewelry first when undressing. Wipe gently with a damp cotton cloth to remove oils and fingerprints. View Details

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