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VIKI LYNN Pearl Necklace 6-7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearls 925 Sterling Silver 18inch

  • VIKI LYNN 6-7mm(Max width) potato shape white natural freshwater cultured pearl necklace with plum blossom Clasp.
  • As a classic design, this elegant freshwater pearl necklace is the best gift ideas-bridesmaid gifts,birthday gifts for women, gifts for mom, anniversary gifts for her, Mother Day gifts, wedding anniversary gifts and Valentines Day gifts.
  • 925 Sterling silver freshwater pearl necklace makes women and ladies very eye-catching, glamorous at party or any occasion, every chic and elegant women deserves this elegant freshwater pearl necklace.
  • CARE FOR YOUR FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE: Pearls are soft and delicate, but when cared for with common sense, they will maintain their luster for centuries. The pearls should not come in contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, chlorinated water, or other harsh chemicals, should be stored in a cloth pouch or jewelry bag, separated from other jewelry. Periodically, pearl strands should be restrung since the silk thread used to tie the pearls together breaks down over time.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & 30 DAYS MONEY BACK, Purchase from VIKI LYNN, Satisfaction guaranteed by VIKI LYNN. You are welcome to contact us with any question.

VIKI LYNN 6-7mm Genuine Freshwater Pearl Necklace White Freshwater Pearl Necklace with 925 Sterling Silver Plum Blossom Clasp Great Gift Ideas as bridesmaid gifts, Mother Day Gifts, Birthday Gifts for Women, Valentine's Day Gifts, Wedding Anniversary Gifts Overall Quality (Pearls Grading) Pearl Color: White Pearl Shape: Off-Round Pearl Overall Quality: AAA Pearl Luster: Very High Pearl Blemish: 90% - 98% Free Pearl Smoothness: Very Good Pearl Matching: Good Nacre: Thick Metal: S925 **How to Tell Real Pearls from Imitation Pearls** **Surface** Real pearls are only rarely "perfect". Their outer nacre layer may also reflect light differently on different parts of the pearl. Imitation pearls are almost always "too perfect" - they look perfectly spherical, they have the same amount of luster on every part of the surface, and show no indents or imperfections. Magnify the surfaces of the pearls with a magnifier. If they look grainy, the beads are imitation pearls. If they look scaly, maze-like, they are real pearls. (Under 64-power magnification) **Shape** Most real pearls are rarely round. A pearl necklace strand that is perfectly round commands an extremely high price and is very rare. **Touching** Real pearls are cold to touch for the first couple of seconds before warming up against your skin. Fake plastic pearls have the same temperature as the room temperature and you don't feel the coolness when you touch them. However, fake ones that are made of glass beads can be cool to touch to start with. But it tends to take them longer to warm up against your skin than real pearls. View Details

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