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Saint Michael Religious Medal Color - 3/4 Inch Size of a Nickel in Solid 14K White Gold

  • Available in Solid &14K Yellow or White Gold, or Sterling Silver
  • 17mm - size of a US dime, 19mm - size of a US nickel, 25mm - size of a US quarter
  • Made in the USA
  • All Medals are Solid 14k or .925 Sterling Silver
  • Free Jewelry Gift Box. Chain NOT Included. Ships in one day

CHAIN IS NOT INCLUDED. Available in Solid 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, & Sterling Silver. Size Reference: 17mm is the size of a US dime. 21mm is the size of a US nickel. 24mm is the size of a US quarter. Color Laser is a patent pending process, color is guaranteed to last forever. Color Medals can be worn in the pool, shower, etc. without affecting the image. We guarantee it. Saint Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Catholic priest in the Dominican Order, a philosopher and theologian in the scholastic tradition, known as Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Universalis and Doctor Communis. He was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology, and the father of the Thomistic school of philosophy and theology. Aquinas is held in the Catholic Church to be the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood. The works for which he is best-known are the Summa Theologica and the Summa Contra Gentiles. One of the 33 Doctors of the Church, he is considered by many Catholics to be the Catholic Churchs greatest theologian and philosopher. Consequently, many institutions of learning have been named after him. He is the patron saint of Students, Architects and Builders. View Details

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