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Fine jewelry Gifts Autism Awareness Month Gift - Womens 925 Sterling Silver Necklace 45 cm Rhodium Coated Italian Chain & Heart Shaped Pendant with Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Symbol

  • When the heart has place, there is no puzzle piece that can't fit it. Show your Love and Support of Autism with this fine jewelry masterpiece.
  • Made of 925 Sterling Silver and Coated with Rhodium. Chain length 45 cm.
  • Silver Italian Chain features a dainty heart charm cut out with room for the accompanying puzzle piece charm.
  • The Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Symbol has been used to raise awareness that those with autism have a place to fit in our hearts and lives.
  • Great gift for teachers, caregivers or family members involved with loving and caring for those with Autism. Or for those who themselves are Autistic, PPD-NOS or Aspie.

Acknowledge your love and support of the unique abilities of those who are on the Spectrum with the Autism Awareness Puzzle Pendant. This fine sterling silver necklace is quality Italian 925 Sterling Silver. It has been coated with Rhodium (a precious metal that is akin to platinum) which helps guard this necklace against scratches and gives this jewelry piece its wonderful reflective sheen. Two dainty charms dangle in the center of the silver chain. One charm is the symbol of a heart, conveying your love. But the center of the heart is cutout in the symbol of the Autism awareness jigsaw puzzle piece. The adjoining silver charm is the missing piece, a sterling silver jigsaw puzzle bit that fits perfectly. Raise awareness how every member of society "fits in" when our hearts have the space and love for unique puzzle pieces. You can gift this fine jewelry charm necklace to someone who works with or loves a person with autism. Or, it can be worn as a badge of honor by those who are anywhere on the spectrum. Raise awareness, change the conversation, "charm" our generation to embrace every unique soul and life. View Details

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