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Marlboro Making Medical Marijuana
Eddie Torr
By: Eddie Torr
On: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 4:20 PM
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Richmond, VA - Giant cigarette maker Philip Morris, Inc announced today that they would be jumping into the medical marijuana industry.

They say they would put out packages just like their cigarettes, which would contain 10 rolled marijuana cigarrettes (not 20 like their tobbacco). These marijuana cigarettes will be offered in a variety of flavors, which will represent some of the exclusive strains that Marlboro has developed.

These exclusive strains have THC levels in varying ranges from 5% up to as high as 20%. The different levels will be noted on each pack so that the patient can choose a pack based on their individual tollerance level.

Philip Morris also said that these marijuana cigarettes would be available with or without filters. The filters will act just like an ordinary cigarette filtered. It is designed to minimize all the harmful effects of marijuana while not taking away from its medicinal value.

Expect these marijuana cigarettes to hit authorized cannabis distributors by Fall, 2012.

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